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About me

I am an 18 year old producer from Czech republic. I mostly produce various styles of EDM like progressive house. I am producing since 2018. I’ve started producing, because ever since I was little, I used to go to my step-grandfather’s house to play his piano and tried to play some simple songs. I really liked piano and I was think about starting to play it regularly and buying my own piano. In 2018 when the Swedish producer Tim „Avicii“ Bergling passed away, it really hit me hard, because all of the nostalgia and memories he created for me from his music, so I decided to carry on his legacy and try to start producing my own music. I really got inspired and hooked on FL Studio and I tried to produce as much music as I can. After my brother bought me a license for the program I really got into it and tried to develop my music and my music taste. Right now I mostly try to gain more experience in music production, collaborate and trying to get my music more visible on the internet.


My latest songs!